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1E9 Festival of the Future1E9 Festival of the Future

Three days of summer, ideas and technology for a better future. July 22-24 2022 at the Forum der Zukunft of the Deutsches Museum, Munich.

#AI #Quantum #Space #Web3 #Metaverse #Robots #Sustainability #Mobility #Biotech

Three days of summer, ideas and technology for a better future. July 22-24 2022 at the Forum der Zukunft of the Deutsches Museum, Munich.

#AI #Quantum #Space #Web3 #Metaverse #Robots #Sustainability #Mobility #Biotech

Join the most exciting technology and future event of the year! At the “Festival of the Future” you’ll meet the most important thought leaders, founders of exciting start-ups, leading investors, scientists and artists. Understand the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, New Space, Web3, Metaverse, Energy, Mobility and Sustainability - and get inspired by art, music and our extraordinary location!

What to expect...


    AI, quantum computers and robotics, space and mobility, Web3 and Metaverse, biotechnology, sustainability and climate protection: The festival brings you up to date on the very latest future technologies and new ideas.

  • 22/7: CONFERENCE

    The festival kicks off on Friday with 1E9's tech conference. Meet hundreds of thought leaders and visionaries from startups, VCs, corporates, academia, media and arts. High-profile keynotes, discussions, pitches, workshops, performances, and networking around latest tech trends.

  • 23 & 24/7: FESTIVAL

    From Friday evening and then all day Saturday and Sunday, the Forum of the Future will be open to the whole city. In debates, talks and workshops, with art and music, we make the future tangible and develop ideas together with everyone who’s interested.


    A festival also includes art and music. But here, too, things are looking up for the future: up-and-coming and renowned creatives are using new technologies to create unexpected impressions and experiences. Plus drinks and delicious food.

July 22: Conference (Ticket Required)

On Friday, July 22, the "Festival of the Future" kicks off with an English-language conference for professionals. You can expect keynotes, debates, workshops, our Experience Area, art, music, networking, and information about career opportunities in the tech industry. If you want to attend, you need a ticket.

...and many more!


Program Fri, July 22nd

Streaming Dome

10:00Monitoring a Changing Climate: Machine Learning for Improved Models, Projections and Technology Assessments Veronika Eyring (DLR / University of Bremen)
10:30A New Challenge from SPRIND: Future Energy Storage Rafael Laguna de la Vera (SPRIND), Jano Costard (SPRIND)
11:30Molecular Machines of the Future - Engineered from DNA Hendrik Dietz (TUM)
13:00A New Class of Fast: Travelling to Near-space and Back via Hyperplane Mikhail Kokorich (Destinus)
13:30From Microlauncher to Factories in Orbit: European Players Building a Space Economy Christian Lindener (Reflex Aerospace), Helene Huby (The Exploration Company), Joshua Western (Space Forge), Steve Jacobs (Lakestar)
14:30VC is dead, long live VC N.N. (N.N.)
15:30Tokenized Ownership: From DAOs to GmbHs Christoph Jentzsch (corpus.ventures)
16:00Saving Democracy: Information Empowerment can Prevail over Information Colonization David Chaum (XX Network)
16:30Can Germany take the lead? A conversation about innovation policy and technology transfer. Thomas Sattelberger (Deutscher Bundestag), Thomas Oehl (Vsquared Ventures)
17:30Welcome to the Quantum Theater: World Premiere of a New Form of Expression and Art Enrique Solano (Kipu Quantum), Emanuele Dascanio (PR ARTED MCD ), Salvatore Savasta (Insighbart)

IMAX Theater

10:00Modern Deep Learning Models and the Road towards AI with Human-Like Capabilities Jonas Andrulis (Aleph Alpha)
10:30Values, Growth, Souvereignity: The Case for European AI: Philipp Gerbert, AppliedAI Nathan Benaich (Air Street Capital), Nicole Büttner (Merantix Momentum), Keesiu Wong (Helsing), Nico Kelling (Infineon), Philipp Gerbert (TUM Venture Labs)
11:30The Time Factor in Artificial Intelligence: Robots Borrowing Time from Humans Ronnie Vuine (micropsi industries)
13:00Your Quantum Journey Jan Goetz (IQM Quantum Computers)
13:30Towards the Quantum Advantage: The European Quantum Ecosystem Alexander Glätzle (planqc), Jan Goetz (IQM Quantum Computers), Laura Schulz (Leibniz-Rechenzentrum), Philipp Ernst (McKinsey & Company), Christophe Jurczak (Quantonation)
14:30A New Challenge from SPRIND: New Computing Concepts Rafael Laguna de la Vera (SPRIND)
15:00Electrifying Mobility: Batteries, Wings, and Circularity to Keep us Moving Dirk Abendroth (CustomCells), Ivor van Dartel (Vaeridion GmbH), Lilian Schwich (cylib), Wolfgang Kerler (1E9)
16:30Balancing planets, people and profits: Let's strive for a regenerative economy! Philippe Birker (Climate Farmers), Fridtjof Detzner (Planet A Ventures), Bennet Barth (RESPOND I BMW Foundation), N.N. (N.N.)
17:30Redefining Values Maja Göpel (Maja Göpel)
18:00Duo Nimikry: An Experimental Performance with Augmented Instrument Rafal Zalech (Nimikry Music OG), Alessandro Baticci (Nimikry Music)
19:00AI, Conscious Machines and the World in General Joscha Bach (Intel Labs), Yulia Sandamirskaya (Intel)

Experience Center

10:30Why Not Analog? Scaling Continous Computing Beyond 1e9 Sven Köppel (Anabrid)
13:00Power Point Karaoke: Let an AI Create Your Next Keynote
13:30Meet Robody, Your Humanoid Robotic Avatar
16:00Your opportunities in the tech industry: Job opportunities for students and young talents
18:00XR Meet & Mingle FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

Experience Center

11:00Hands on with an Analog Computer Sven Köppel (Anabrid)

Blitz Club

14:00Corporate-Start-up-Cooperation Session with BSH Startup Kitchen: ​Speeding up: How innovation helps to achieve sustainability targets faster! Lars Roessler (BSH Startup Kitchen), Anna Goldhofer (BMW Group), Lars Roessler (BSH Startup Kitchen), Dirk Reich (BlueMovement ), Young-jin Choi (Vidia Equity), Dipjyoti Deb (BSHG), Christine Betz (BSHG),
15:30Turning cutting-edge ideas into industry-disrupting technologies: Deep Tech Session with Intel Ignite Startups

Sat, July 23rd: Public Day I (free admission)

On the weekend, there will be mainly German-language program. On July 23, it's all about AI, robotics and the future of the Internet. The gaming podcast "Stay Forever" will be there live.

... and many more!

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A Short Flashback

The "Festival of the Future" has a predecessor: the 1E9 conference. Three times, we have been able to bring together internationally renowned thought leaders with the most exciting newcomers to discuss technology and solutions for the future. Most recently, for example, the mRNA pioneers from BioNTech were there, but also Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. The video shows you impressions of 1E9 THE_CONFERENCE 2021.


1E9 is an optimistic community of visionaries, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, nerds, creatives, experts, and optimists who care about the future. 1E9 provides information and inspiration through an online magazine and offers space for constructive discussions through its digital platform and various kinds of events. While being open for all kinds of ideas, the focus of 1E9 lies on technology and its societal implications. The home base of 1E9 is in Munich.


Arial view of Deutsches Museum
Forum of the Future

The Deutsches Museum is one of the world's largest science and technology museums with the richest tradition - and one of the leading locations for technical and scientific culture.

The new Forum of the Future will be a creative meeting place - with the VRLab, changing special exhibitions and spectacular events. The focus will always be on experiencing and trying out high-tech innovations and finding joint answers to the question of which innovations will make the planet a better place.

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